Friday, June 4, 2010

Thoughts: Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Montezuma visited me yesterday and again today… no bueno…

Today Montezuma and Mother Nature created the ultimate tag team and I was their opponent. Naturally, I didn’t sleep well and could not eat much breakfast. I decided to stay in my hotel room all day… meaning that I was going to miss going to the Cathedral, the Basilica, and the site of the Education Ministry murals. However, I do plan on going to the Ballet Folklórico at 7 PM tonight.

I really wish I could eat something… all I have done today was lay down… couldn’t catch up on my journal… or on my watercolor paintings… Definitely no bueno… and nobody came to check on me either…

It was about time for everyone to get back from their trip. We were all showering and getting changed into our nicer clothes for the ballet. The majority of the class rode on the metro to get to the Anthropology Museum, where the ballet was being held. Marcela, Stephanie, Terresa, and Alice rode in a taxi. I’m glad that they made that choice because Terresa was wearing high heels and I don’t know how she would have been able to manage riding on a crowded train with them on… let alone traveling down the halls to get to the next station…

The subway was so crowded around that time… it was just after rush hour because women and men did not have to ride in separate cars, but there were still a lot of people there regardless. Erin, Sarah, and I got really close… literally. Also some guy’s suitcase was right underneath my skirt… NO BUENO.

The Ballet Folklórico was amazing! I loved all of the different costumes, which we later found out that each different outfit represents a different state of Mexico. I enjoyed the music and the elegant movement of the clothes, and the dance moves themselves. My favorite song that was played was La Bamba… because I know the words… and also the traditional Mexican Hat Dance. Lol. La Cucaracha was also played; I found that one to be amusing.

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