Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mexico Tomorrow!

:iconimhappyplz: :iconbutterflyplz: So tomorrow morning, my VCOM 392-600 (Public and Political Art) course will be leaving for Mexico City...we should probably be there sometime in the early afternoon! :dance: :iconbutterflyplz:

Therefore I won't be on the internet as a whole for approximately two weeks......... *sigh*... :wow: :( In the meantime, I will do traditional blogging lol... which means I will keep a journal/sketchbook and a watercolor journal and do entries every day. It will probably end up being mostly writing...because I write more than I sketch/draw/paint/illustrate (how ironic...since my major is illustration o.O ) oh well... so um yeah... then whenever I get a chance to get on the internet (perhaps on a rare occasion while down there or just wait until I get back to the States)..I will upload them onto this blog...

We are also going to try to keep up with our class's facebook page while down there...but I don't know how well that will go..... ~_~'

So today I will run some errands, finish packing my suitcase and carry on.. double/triple/quadruple check everything... eat American fast fooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood lol ^^; , hopefully visit some people ....... and then wait for my mother to drive me up to Rock Hill... where I will spend the night and then meet up with all of my teachers and classmates...and we shall begin our adventure!
:iconimhappiestplz: :iconimhappiestplz: :iconimhappiestplz: :iconimhappiestplz: :iconimhappiestplz: :iconimhappiestplz: :iconimhappiestplz:

^^; lol wow...that's really creepy.... lol...... anyways see you guys later, as discussed before I will take tons of photographs, documenting nearly everything throughout the entire trip! :D :aww:

:heart: Vanessa :iconbutterflyplz:

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