Sunday, May 23, 2010

Frida Kahlo and La Casa Azul

Being able to visit Frida Kahlo's house was the spiritually uplifting moment of my trip. I love Frida so much!

We were only allowed to take pictures of the courtyard, photographs inside of her house was off limits. Frida lived in that house from 1907 until 1954. It is a fairly large estate and very colorful and vibrant. Blue, red, yellow, and green can be found all over the premises; I love bright colors :D. I enjoyed walking inside and seeing her work and photographs... also there were rooms that contained the actual furniture and equipment she used.

I saw her kitchen, where her name and Diego's name were spelled out using miniature houses and figures attached to the wall.

Her studio was upstairs. There were book shelves that lined the walls, completely filled. And on the other side was her artist table, palette, easel, wheel chair, etc etc. As stated earlier... it was in that room that I could actually feel her presence; I experienced a tingling sensation in my hands and that's when I knew she was there. In the next room, I was only a few inches away from her day bed, where she spent most of her time. This was the bed where a mirror was installed on the canopy of the bed. Next to it, in the corner, were her crutches and her prosthetic right leg! My eyes filled with happy tears when I saw this.

Moving along, I entered Frida's bedroom. This bed was slightly different than the day bed, instead of a mirror on the canopy; there was an image of butterflies! At that moment, I was absolutely sure that Frida Kahlo and I were connected!!!!

This year, there was a new photograph exhibit opened at the museum. I definitely made time to see that. Afterwards, I visited the gift shop and spent 680 pesos on Frida Kahlo souvenirs! I bought some framed photographs of her, a nice wall piece that resembles the Blue House, two unrelated Hispanic childrens' books, and a few other things. What a great day!

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