Sunday, May 23, 2010

Thoughts: Sunday, May 23, 2010

Panteon Xoco Cemetery

  • located in Coyoacan
  • obvious economic class separation - wealthier people have more lavish graves - poverty stricken people have more simple, lower quality graves...
  • separation of classes is evident throughout life and even after death...
  • the cemetery was unkempt
  • dead flowers
  • everyone except for Evan, Erin, Ashley, and I were taking pictures
  • there was a service going on
  • Mr. Brown was sketching

Leon Trotsky House

  • 35 pesos for admittance because I didn't have my student ID
  • interesting museum/house

  • bullet holes in the wall of the room where he was assassinated

  • some images of Trotsky resemble Martyka and others resemble Mr. Brown
  • very small museum, easy and quick to go through
  • I went around twice, and took pictures the second time around
After the Trotsky museum, we visited the beautiful Blue House of Frida Kahlo aka Frida Kahlo Museum. The experience there was magical!

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