Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thoughts: Wednesday, May 19, 2010 Cont.

We are staying at the Hostal Cuija Coyoacan-- Berlin 268, Colonia del Carmen, Coyoacan

The hostal is pretty nice but our rooms are slightly more compact than dormitories at Winthrop. Here four of us share a room, each girl gets a twin size bed arranged as bunk beds. I am rooming with Christina, Sarah, and Ashley. We got a room with three sets of bunk beds. There is hardly any walking space in here, but it will be fine. Ugh..we are such Americans...always concerned about having a lot of space...curse us and our need to have a large personal bubble!

After settling in at the hostal, we walked to downtown Coyoacan to eat at Sanborns, a nice but inexpensive Mexican restaurant. I ordered my food in Spanish although I was holding an English menu, the waitress was pretty impressed I would say... Yo pedi las fajitas de pollo y un agua mineral. It was a really pretty dish... I did not take a picture of it until after I was nearly finished though.. The meal cost me 106.00 pesos (roughly 11 dollars) and I left a 15 peso tip... (a dollar and some change)

I hadn't been feeling well all day, my head still felt pretty hot in my opinion. No one else could feel it though... It was probably all of the stress mentally---from the flight, customs, being in a new place--- and physically ---not sleeping much, being dehydrated, hot, sweaty---that caused my sickness...

After dinner, we walked to a Churreria, and those who wanted to buy some, bought some churros y chocolate caliente. I didn't want any... Finally we started to head back to the hostal, where many of us had a lot more to do before we could sleep. Despite not feeling well, I still had to make up my bed--put the sheets and pillow case on-- get my clothes ready for the next day, shower, journal a little bit, and then finally go to sleep.

****** Es la medianoche y yo voy a acostarme. Buenas noches

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